Rural Development (Department of Political Science)

Objectives of the Course: The Certificate Course is all about rural development, which will enable the students to understand the approaches to overall development of rural areas, objectives of the various Rural Development Programmes, implementing agencies, infrastructures to rural development etc. Rural Development as the emerging focus of modern development administration gains much more importance and significance in the Third World countries like India. Development of rural areas has been one of the paramount concerns of the Five Year Plans, which are being implemented in the country. In this context, it is the need of the hour to introduce a Certificate(Add on) Course in Rural Development (CCRD) to achieve the following basic objectives—

  1. To enrich the students about the component of rural economy;
  2. To make them familiar about rural development processes and Programmes currently operated in India.
  3. To acquaint the learners with the different strategies adopted by various rural development institutions
  4. To enable the students for increased and quick employment possibilities’
  5. To eradicate unemployment and bring a notable decline in under-employment;
  6. To guarantee an increase in the living standard of the under-privileged rural people
Course Structure and Fee Detail:
Duration: 3 months
Admission Fee Rs. 300/
Tuition Fee Rs. 900/


 Mising Language (Department of Assamese)

Mising tribe is an important language community of Assam, the meeting ground of various communities and tribes. This community co-exists in a limited geographical area along with the different communities and tribes with their unique language and cultures. This language is the 2nd largest indigenous tribal language of Assam. In present time, among all the missing community people, their some of them cannot speak fluently in their own language because of lack of awareness or hesitation. This certificate course can uplift students language of longing and confidential level not only the missing students but also all other community language of Assam in present perspective.

Course Structure and Fee Detail:
Duration: 6 months
Admission Fee Rs. 300/
Tuition Fee Rs. 1200/


Micro Finance (Department of Economics)

Experience has shown that many of the poverty alleviation programmes organized through credit channels have not achieved the required success. It has been observed that in respect of financing poverty alleviation programmes and creation of employment in rural areas, there are a number of factors which prevent small borrowers and poor people from securing adequate credit from formal credit agency such as lack of awareness among beneficiaries in respect of development through credit and thereby making proper use of credit. This situation reveals that the rural poor requires small but regular urgent loans whereas their options are restricted to programmes designed and approved by the government which do not cater to their needs. Hence to bridge the gap between demand and supply of fund in the lower rungs of the rural economy Micro Finance has made a smooth role into the rural economy and generated self-reliance and self-sufficiency in the Indian rural scenario.

Course Structure and Fee Detail:
Duration: 2 months
Admission Fee Rs. 300/
Tuition Fee Rs. 500/


Personnel Management (Department of Sociology)

The term Management has been accepted by the students aiming for higher studies and career building. Personnel management has to do with the persons of any organizations. Dealing with the problems of persons nowadays requires specialized knowledge and it is common to find a separate department for tackling human problems in the organization. Personnel Management teaches the method of recruitment, supervision and management of people within an organization. This course can uplift the students’ leadership quality, efficiency, confidence level and train them to guide persons towards a common goal of the organization smoothly and efficiently.

Course Structure and Fee Detail:
Duration: 4 months
Admission Fee Rs. 300/
Tuition Fee Rs. 1000/


Spoken English (Department of English)

Spoken English has emerged as a very significant course in the present era of education in which the importance of English has been experienced by students and teachers of all subjects. As a result, English medium schools and colleges have been increasing day by day. In spite of the proliferation of English education, the need for spoken English has always been felt by students studying through the medium of their mother tongue. Being as international language, English has spread its wings in all the nooks and corners of the country. However, knowing English along is not regarded as sufficient. Unless we express our views orally, on the stage or on public forum, only knowledge of English without speaking skills remains a drawback in the student or a scholar.

Course Structure and Fee Detail:
Duration: 3 months
Admission Fee Rs. 300/
Tuition Fee Rs. 900/


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Notification of Add on course (Eng, Ass)


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